Discover Javry

Javry is a new business launched by Jukup founders, Maxence Lacroix and Pierre-Yves Orban. Javry focuses on one thing: providing high-quality fair-trade coffees for companies and individuals.

There are 2 main services for enterprises:

First, enterprises can rent a professional Jura coffee machine for their office. More infos on the coffee machines

The second service for SMEs is the coffee subscription: companies can automatically receive their coffee beans on a monthly basis. Thanks to a web platform, clients can manage their subscription only. For instance, they can change the quantity of coffee shipped every month, the shipping dates, they can access their invoices, etc. More info about the coffee service.

In other words, Javry is the perfect solution for companies between 10 and 200 employees that are looking for a coffee solution for their office !

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