Jukup enhances musical experience
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What is Jukup?

Jukup is an application that allows a group of people located at the same place to decide the musical atmosphere of this place.
From their smartphone, people can join the nearest Jukup to add some tracks or to vote for the tracks they like. The song that gets the most vote is the next one to be played! And so far, and so further, all night long!

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Discover How it works

#1 Create a Jukup for your event

Whether it's a wedding or a chill night with close friends,
Even in a bar or for a 300 attendees party.

Create a Jukup from your computer
Decide the music from your smartphone

#2 Attendees join your Jukup

From their smartphones, they add any song to it. They can also vote for the songs in the queue.

The music played is the music that gets the most positive votes.
The tracks that your guests desire.
At any time.

#3 Enjoy your event!

No need to be always behind your computer: as admin, you can moderate your Jukup from your smartphone. Easily add, delete or next any track!

Trusted people can also become admin if you want to!

Control your Jukup from your smartphone

Some available features

  • Add any song to your favourites! Afterwards, you are able to easily add them to any ongoing playist.

  • Click on this icon to see who's active in your Jukup. Very active users are noticed with a specific icon.

  • If you or your guests lack of inspiration, simply visit the explorer. It proposes plenty of undiscovered very good tracks!

  • Do you have a projection screen available? Any other LCD screens? Click on this icon to display the queue on them.

  • Get notifications. Jukup lets you know when someone joins or leaves your Jukup. If your friends add tracks or vote for yours, you will be notified as well!

  • Connect with your audience. Engage your clients thanks to the forthcoming message platform. Push messages and specific Jukup notifications will soon be available.

  • Raise your place frequentation by letting customers know where you're located. They can see in advance what music is played in your bar and easily find you via Google Map.

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